Alex Ansary, a native of Portland, Oregon, launched a television series called ‘Outside the Box’ in 2004 where he discussed controversial local, and international issues. Alex also interviewed a myriad of well-informed and controversial guests such as Alex Jones, David Icke, Bruce Lipton, Joel Skousen, Michael Tellinger, Jim Marrs, Clyde Lewis, Rosalind Peterson, and many others.

In 2007, Alex refined his skill in radio broadcasting from Mount Hood Community College. He brought the show online in a radio format to the Republic Broadcasting Network, We the People Radio Network, and the Oracle Broadcasting Network. His work takes on a multi-faceted view on our polarized society with topics ranging from cover ups, global surveillance, military drills, cashless societies, solar flares effects on human consciousness, the holographic universe, and the unknown spiritual dimensions.

From September 2010 to February 2011, he helped launch the Portland Preparedness Center, the city’s first retail survival preparedness store for two online Washington State based investors. In September 2011, he relocated to Dallas, TX for a year to host the UNN or Underground News Network. Following a desire to experience a simple life with more anonymity and delve into an ‘off the grid’ environment, Alex Ansary found himself drawn to the rugged mountainous ranges of San Luis Valley in Colorado which further kindled his passion for a freedom based lifestyle in an off-grid environment.

After surviving a harsh winter he returned to Portland in 2014 to reboot his show Outside the Box TV for an additional year while living in a micro homemade teardrop camper in a city with skyrocketing housing prices and ever-increasing unsustainable gentrification.

With a return to the breathtaking and sparsely populated San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado to start anew, Alex Ansary found himself embroiled in another heated battle versus a corrupt county that intimidated the residents that used their freedom of speech in local town meetings; and also began to intimidate Alex when he began assisting the locals in sharing their stories of county corruption that has interrupted locals of their dreams of living off grid in a peaceful valley. Because of this, he had embittered the local police government that has brazenly used bully tactics, and resulted in code enforcement pushing him off of private property. Most recently he was pushed out of the Sangre de Christo area when his ally was issued a warning to vacate his own property over a code discrepancy that did not apply to older housing structures.

Today Alex travels around parts of the U.S. and continues to evolve and speak the truth in addition to researching and speaking about world politics. His website is alexansary.tv and his 10 years of video content can be found at

contact: alex_ansary@hotmail.com