Monday, March 27, 2017
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Alex Ansary

Alex Ansary
Alex Ansary, a native of Portland, Oregon, launched a television series called ‘Outside the Box’ in 2004 where he discussed controversial issues and continues to discuss these issues on his YouTube channel.

RED SCARE! Senator Calls for WAR on RT (Russia Today)

As the war drums beat forward to dangerous new levels, a congresswoman is calling for her own war on the media... with Russia Today...

China Readies for Space War with New High Tech Weaponry

Space based lasers guns and other sci fi sounding weapons are being rolled out in time for world war 3 between the WEST and...

Evolve Your Consciousness Within & Survive the Spiritual Warfare In order to survive what is coming and is already here, we have to develop ourselves within.

Facebook has a Negative Impact on Real World Friendships Facebook helps connect us but it also helps us disconnect from real relationships.

Spiritual Preparedness Before World War 3 We each have to come to a understanding of what that means for us.  Its not something easily learned through observing others alone.

Are Americans Prepared for an Economic Collapse? It's time all Americans took notice of the depths of economic debt that is now our new normal. How is America going to...

White House Pushes for Military Action on North Korea’s Nuclear Program For years, geopolitical researchers have pointed to North Korea and Iran as targets of the US military that could trigger a larger global conflict...

Why are there more FEMALES in PORN, than WOMEN Speaking TRUTH... We can find more women "taking on 100 men" but we can't find them taking on the system outside the left/ right paradigm, fake...

Trump to Move WEST to Global WAR with Russia, China In this theater of war, what you see in the media and out of the politicians mouths is scripted.

Reflections on Mental Fitness & Psychic Protection from Intrusions of the... The first step is realizing something is going on. Then you can do something about it. Look into what it means for you to...

Going Beyond the Illusion of Race and Seperation Many of the perceptions that we have about each other are falsehoods based on CULTural programming.

Archons hate Mixed Race Humans / Overcoming White Genocide Hysteria The true creator and it's assets laughs at those worshiping this false white god of the white supremacists.

Prepare Yourself SPIRITUALLY for Earth’s New Dark Age Some late night thoughts on the need to be prepared from WITHIN.

Humping the Trump and the Death of the Alternative Media w/... Kyle Rearden of joins the conversation to discuss the Trump Deception. See Also:

ArchAngel Michael Exposed as Archon! Many today have found themselves deceived by an entity less benevolent than originally thought. See Also: