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Urban Survival Tips and Preparedness Book Series (A Review)


In today’s Outside the Box TV ( #OTBTV ) youtube video Alex Ansary discusses urban survival tactics for emergency disaster preparedness training.

How would you survive a urban environment in the outbreak of war, major earthquakes, economic collapse or other event?

Urban Survival Kit: Top 8 Items You Need in Your Bag


When we head out into the wild, its a smart idea  to bring emergency situation products in the chance we might run right into problem.


Urban setups have their very own one-of-a-kind difficulties and also threats, also on an excellent day. To boost your possibilities of urban survival in an emergency situation, stock up on these 8 items and hope you never ever require them.


1. Flashlight

Power outages can leave a lot of people in the dark so make sure you have a good quality flashlight. Make sure you have a backup, solare would be useless in a night time blackout, I would suggest having a hand crank flashlight.

2. First Aid Kit

In an emergency situation chances are you will need medical supplies. Keep a well stocked in date first aid kit. I would recommend one for the vehicle and one for the house. There are a frustrating variety of choices available varying from sets with standard basics such as plasters and  gauze to advanced choices utilized experienced first aiders. Choose one you are familiar with.

3. Water

Keeping clean drinking water or a filtration device for emergency situations should be to priority. Chances are if there is an urban survival situation the waters could become contaminated.

4. Knife

In an urban survival environment you could draw a lot of unwanted attention carrying around a machete, don’t. Instead find knife that is easily concealed like a folding knife or credit card knife. This can also act as a self defense tool.

5. Multi-Tool

Multi tools are my savior, I carry these with me everywhere I go. The come in all shapes and size’s, from knives to pliers and even rescue cards that fit right in your wallet. A good multi-tool will have all the most important tools. A multi-functional tool can go places where most tools can’t .

6. MRE – Meal Ready to Eat

It’s a good idea to keep long life food MRE’s are perfect for this type of situation and you can make these yourself. Canning and jarring food as well as dehydration is a great way to keep food long term.

7. Radio

A small emergency radio can be life saving in disastrous weather situations and is still the most reliable form of communication in a grid down situation.

8. Weapon

Things can get a little crazy when shtf, having a weapon may be life saving even if you don’t have to use it. This can intimidate and fend off potential threats. Gun would be my first choice, I also keep a length of HV cable, this simple piece off equipment can do so many things, the sheer weight for size makes it easy to swing but has a devastating blow! and its even an emergency glass breaker.

Conclusion: Remember these are our top 7 choices, there are still many items that you would need in an emergency  urban survival situation. But with these items you will already be well prepared.

China moves to Ban Bitcoin and Foreign Cryptocurrencies


China is to block all websites related to cryptocurrency trading and initial coin offerings (ICOs) – including foreign platforms – in a bid to finally quash the market completely.


“To prevent financial risks, China will step up measures to remove any onshore or offshore platforms related to virtual currency trading or ICOs,” said an article published on Sunday night by Financial News, a publication affiliated to the People’s Bank of China (PBOC).

The article acknowledged that recent attempts to stamp out digital currencies by shutting down domestic exchanges had failed to completely eradicate trading.

“ICOs and virtual currency trading did not completely withdraw from China following the official ban … after the closure of the domestic virtual currency exchanges, many people turned to overseas platforms to continue participating in virtual currency transactions.

“Overseas transactions and regulatory evasion have resumed … risks are still there, fuelled by illegal issuance, and even fraud and pyramid selling,” the article said.

China’s official Xinhua news agency quoted the PBOC on Monday afternoon as saying it would tighten regulations on domestic investors’ participation in overseas transactions of ICOs and virtual currencies, as risks are still high in the sector.

Beijing’s tougher stance – which effectively bans all forms of activity related to digital currencies – aims to put the breaks on the ICO and virtual-currency trading mania that has been sweeping China. The frenzy among retail investors led to huge price volatility and several reported incidents of fraud, causing a headache for regulators increasingly worried about social unrest.

In one incident on Saturday, reported by mainland Chinese media TMT Post, angry investors had forcibly taken Jiang Jie, founder of an ICO project called ARTS, to the Beijing municipal financial bureau, alleging fraud after the value of a virtual coin issued by ARTS tumbled to 0.13 yuan in two weeks from 0.66 yuan after its ICO and listing on an exchange in late January.

Following reports of the latest crackdown, advertisements for cryptocurrencies have stopped appearing on Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, and social media platform Weibo.

“It is common for people to use VPNs [virtual private networks] to trade cryptocurrencies, as many exchange platforms relocated to Japan or Singapore,” said Donald Zhao, an individual bitcoin trader who relocated to Tokyo from Beijing late last year, following the ban.

“I think the new move literally means it would be even harder to circumvent the ban in China … people promoting related business programmes may be arrested,” Zhao said.

The tighter regulation from the PBOC will “definitely weigh on the cryptocurrency universe,” said Wayne Cao, who runs a company that recently offered 10 billion tokens in an ICO.

“Most of the Chinese ICO projects are invested in by Chinese investors. So if they are blocked, the whole cryptocurrency market will be dragged down.”

Until now, offerings of new tokens have usually been pegged to more established cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and retail investors could buy into them via ICOs, as long as they had digital wallets ready. Trading of the coins has taken place on offshore exchange websites, with wider participation once ICOs are complete.

The bitcoin bubble seemed close to bursting after it dropped to below US$8,000 for the first time since November, then regained its standing, leaving some experts unnerved.

China banned both ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges in September, but trading by individuals has remained a murky area with many businessmen relocating to Hong Kong or Japan while still raising funds from mainland investors.

Two weeks ago, the PBOC ordered financial institutions to stop providing funding to any activity related to cryptocurrencies, further tightening the noose.

“It’s positive news for Japan and Singapore, because demand for participating in trading is not diminishing and traders have got to go somewhere,” said Ace Yang, executive director of Cathay Capital, a private equity firm based in Beijing.

One commentator said authorities would always be concerned about problems that could arise from a lack of supervision over blockchain technologies.

“Regulators will for sure step in, if any kinds of financial innovations currently implemented, including blockchain finance, digital finance, smart finance and big data finance, infringe upon the interests of consumers and affect the stability of the entire financial market,” said Li Lihui, a former president of the Bank of China who now works as team leader of the blockchain research department under the semi-official National Internet Finance Association of China.



In today’s edition of Outside the Box TV ( #OTBTV ) Alex Ansary discusses the recent news with bitcoin cryptocurrency news. Will you be a bitcoin millionaire?



In today’s edition of Outside the Box TV ( #OTBTV ) Alex Ansary discusses the alternative media narrative that the deep state is plotting to overthrow Donald Trump.

Trump recently gave a state of the union address. The nation is still very much divided over Trump. In 2016 I predicted that Trump would be elected president of the united states and that his own rhetoric was a sign that more war was on the menu. Will the liberty movement survive the divide that has occured?

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Is David Pakman Tempted to Leave Civilization & Live Off the Grid?


In today’s edition of Outside the Box TV Alex Ansary discusses a recent video from David Pakman on Off Grid Living. How to live off the grid in freedom is only part of the conversation.

The other part of the conversation is off grid living becoming illegal in many counties in the united states. Off Grid Living is a solution to a epidemic of urban homelessness and tent cities in family neighborhoods.

Watch David’s Video here…

Youtube Censoring China Concerns and is Banned in the Country


In today’s edition of Outside the Box TV (#OTBTV) Alex Ansary discusses the Chinese influence over youtube and elements of the youtube demonetization process. This issues alone is enough reason to post to steemit and dtube.


Social Engineering of the Millennials – Crystal Children Characteristics?


In today’s edition of Outside the Box TV Alex Ansary discusses the social engineering of the millennial generation. Are they really the crystal children?

One Video Can Change the World / Positive Thinking on using Youtube to Share Unstoppable Ideas


In today’s edition of Outside the Box TV Alex Ansary discusses the power of positive thinking in using youtube to help people.

Youtube Demonetization Issues / Testing Dtube and Steemit


In today’s Outside the Box TV (#OTBTV) video Alex Ansary discusses the rise in dtube and seemit’s rise in popularity in the wake of widespread youtube demonetization. Is it REALLY a viable solution, alternative or it is something else instead?

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How One Elderly Homesteader Lives #OfftheGrid in the Colorado Mountains Alone during Winter


In today’s Outside the Box TV (OTBTV) video, Alex Ansary features a off grid property that a local Colorado senior citizen has been living on for many decades.


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Nutella 70%-off sale sparks ‘riots’ in French supermarkets with shoppers fighting ‘like animals’


‘Chaos broke out in French supermarkets today with reports of ‘riots’ caused by a 70 per cent discount on pots of Nutella.


There was hysteria in shops around the country as bargain hunters tried to get their hands on knockdown pots of the chocolate hazelnut spread.

Some media reports in France said shoppers were behaving like ‘animals’ in scenes reminiscent of the Black Friday sales in America as they scrambled to secure the heavily discounted breakfast favourite at Intermarche supermarkets.

Le Progres newspaper was told by one customer in Rive-de-Gier, central France: ‘They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand. It was horrible.’

However, the store manager insisted there was no violence and dismissed such reports as inaccurate.

(FREE EBOOK) Solar Maximum: Links to Cycles of war, Societal Change, and Personal Transformation of Consciousness



The cycles of the sun are greatly impacting the reality that surrounds us as well as our biology and state of mind throughout time and civilization.

We are currently going through a cycle, Sunspot cycle 24, that’s going to bring a lot of change to our society. Unfortunately, the area of research of how the Sun impacts the earth, climate, and human behavior still remains widely unknown. However, today there is a vast amount of historical data available which details the dramatic changes taking place on the planet and all living beings during periods of solar maximums where solar activity reaches its peak.

This information is an examination of how the eleven, on average, year cycles of the sun bring our planet diverse change through: increased earthquakes, natural disasters, extreme weather patterns, climate changes, disruptions to power grids, new ideas, directions and movements in society, and changes in human expression and behavior that includes personal transformations and spiritual awakenings.


And FREE FOR YOU HERE: is one of several sites that im hoping to be utilizing more in 2018. Steemit has the potential to motivate me to promote this content that seemed invisible to my own followers on facebook and other social media outlets. Im looking forward to some change.

Thank you for sharing and upvoting my first post to Steemit. – Alex Ansary,

Are the Billionaire Elite Bugging Out to SURVIVE a Pole Shift SHTF Scenario?


Signs indicate that the elite are preparing to bug out to particular locations in the US in the event of a major disaster be it world war or something as extreme as a pole shift.

Hawaii False Alarm, Wells Fargo Glitch, Facebook Changes, Pentagon Pivots to China, Russia


<h2>In today’s news edition of Outside the Box TV, Alex Ansary reports on facebook news, Wells Fargo glitch, and other geopolitics news regarding China.<h2>