What You Need to Know about WW3 by the YEAR 2025 (Introduction)

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What You Need to Know about WW3 by the YEAR 2025 (Introduction)

Postby Alex Ansary » Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:17 pm

These are my show notes for my April 21st, 2017 recording available in a few days at outsidethebox.vhx.tv.

This program is entitled 'What You Need to know before World War 3 by the year 2025' . This is a introduction to a series of reports on this topic.

This report is the a result of over 10 years of research, independent media activism, and interviews combined with the current events now unfolding.

Some of the information will new to you and some of it will not but I am sure that you have never seen the dots connected in quite this manner.

The geopolitical situation as well as widespread online problems for independent generators of news and opinion on current affairs has motivated me to do whatever it takes to bring back this show to Portland and several other cities, using technology that we have available today to remotely send this digital broadcast from while I currently reside in my cabin off the grid in rural Colorado.

I departed my birthplace of Portland for the last time in 2015 but that is not going to end the years of outreach and I know that the information that I will share with you will reach the ears and eyes that it needs to and that's all that needs to be done at this time.

Total reliance on the internet has boxed many into a corner as the current algorithms in place on social media and elsewhere (that includes youtube) have rendered some of us nearly invisible when we are posting on those platforms and attempting to reach our subscribers.

Youtube is demonizing videos discussing geopolitics and any topics that could be labeled controversial at a moment in human history where accurate and honest reporting in real time is more important than ever before. Welcome to modern life in the corporate social media ghettos where online censorship is as easy as 1..........2.............3.

Cable Access television is a very important medium of the free press and I have already witnesses its power to awaken many to truths they normally are not exposed to or even looking for. It just happens by accident and totally bypasses internet manipulation.

I have recently decided to produce a on going series on this specific topic- and airing in the cities I believe will be most affected by the coming changes, Portland included and later other cities where the information can do the most good. As the series progresses I welcome help reaching new cities.
This video and the follow up reports will be available online in the ON DEMAND section of my website - AlexAnsary.TV

Bookmark my site where you can see of my past videos and articles. - the website now has a brand new forum where you are invited to join and let us know that you caught the show and any information you'd like to add for consideration in future shows - that's AlexAnsary.TV/Forums - while you are on the website - please also sign up for the newsletter. This was you can be on the mailing list for any special videos, podcasts or articles that I may be producing and sending out in the future.


Im going to be featuring some clips from the past to provide background context. Its also important for me to not overwhelm the audience with news and too many facts right away so in just a moment I'm going to set the tone for where we are going with all of this as controversial at it might be.

I began warning in 2007 about what I call a 'staged managed world war scenario' between the United States (and its allies) and China, Russia (and their allies) - right around the time Topoff 4 took place in Portland which then activated serious concerns Portland's future.

In 2008 I interviewed a man that had reoccurring dreams of a Chinese Russian invasion of he united states......he had these dreams as early at a 10 year old.

For many reasons, this struck a cord with me and for many years I warned Portland Oregon on cable access tv and through the internet that a war would erupt with China that, in fact, be controlled by the hidden hand would end up sending the nations against each other..resulting in America's occupation that would occur more by design than accident....

I felt in particular that Portland would be affected in many ways including a increase in human trafficking during a collapse - something akin to a epidemic.

I think the message was misunderstood over the years, seen as crazy to many , words of a would be cult leader to others....so what I can testify to right now is a prior decade of judgement over the years both in Portland and around the web for taking a non partisan non statist view of the world war 3 scenario without having any political favorites including Putin.

It isn't by accident that I choose to be alone where I am now doing what it is now full time without trying to wake up the whole world but rather reaching that I can.
I found that taking a opinionated position on how it these events could or may occur was perceived as doomsday soothsaying or other tricks of manipulation. Unfortunately the events I am seeing play out now validate Leon's Dream in my own eyes even more. Leon's vision or feeling about Russia is similar to my own concerns about the role they will play with China handing Americas karma to them in some way or so it will seem as I have narrated this buildup to world war 3 constantly in some way shape or form since the time of this interview nearly a decade ago.

It is because of Portland's kidnapping shanghai past and its present sex trafficking reality that I believe this particular city with its particular proximity to the pacific ocean via the Columbia river - its people and women face certain real world risks.

A society as divided as this unfortunately faces particular challenges and repercussions during collapse and or wartime when criminal elements attempt to take what they want. History is our guide. Society has forgotten the lessons of the past and seems hellbent on repeating them.

When we return, Ill explain the general idea behind how I came up the year 2025 at the mostly likely period in which we might see this Chinese, Russian Invasion and what it has to do with the Sun Spot Cycle 25.



This interview was conducted in 2008 and since then I have documented a great deal of information regarding this agenda to state a world war scenario where the victor has already been determined. I am returning to cable access this year.

That interview conducted about a decade ago in Portland Oregon during the Bush Years was something that for me was eye opening as I began to see confirmation after confirmation in the news wire that the world was in deed preparing for global war even if not tomorrow.

I noticed as my investigations and commentaries began, many people were resistant to the idea and used a misguided understanding of the law of attraction to suggest that I was magically trying to make it happen with my consciousness which is a arena of human psychology today worthy of it's own investigation. Nothing beats the 2010 experience with a Portland woman who told me that these events were not events that the public needed me to inform them of, rather I was the threat. Considering how a total stranger responded to my ideas that night, I considered also how other Portlanders may have perceived me.

During this period I also authored a paper called 'Solar Flares and he Earths Weakening Magnetic Field' which was published in 2009 by Nexus Magazine in Australia. In that 9 page report which can be found at my website, I discuss the solar flare / world war / civil unrest element for the first time, of which I discovered FIRST by reading a paper by Buryl Bayne.

This discovery of a solar cycle linked in with a war cycle seemed to be a critical key in understanding within myself. During that period all eyes were on the 2012 period and the potential that the solar cycle would bring. The problem was and still is, people were looking less at the overall effect of the Sun on humanity and events on earth and more concerned about a potential end of the world scenario. However in my own life, once it was clear to me that the 2012 period was not the period in which they would have this war, I began to look at the 2021-2025 period as the most likely period in which this war would be staged by the real global elite.

Real world reporting on the Chinese navy buildup to 2020 along with Rand Corporation documents also warning of a war with China by 2025 - and other recent reports about North Korea having over 100 nukes by 2020 and so many other reports that I will be covering later as validated over and over again that the coming solar maximum cycle appears to be the one in which the world, in particular China and Russia will be prepared for the conflict.

Furthermore as this is a agenda to destroy American by design from within, there is much greater destruction of the American image that I believe is set to occur in order to turn the entire world against the united states.

This video, recorded on April 27th 2013 at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia was entitled Solar Maximum and Cycles of War and Shifts in Human Consciousness as is one hour long. I discuss the widespread influences of the Sun over our world, humans trends and behavior. Most importantly I reshare the work of of a Russian scientist who 100 years ago discovered the trend - a 2500 year history of war and peace that follows solar cycles. He used data from the Chinese to go back further that the data available from the west.

'Alex Ansary on Solar Flares in Human Affairs @ Free Your Mind 2 Conference' ( April 27th, 2013)

20 minute excerpt here:

2009 Solar flare article (pdf) here:

https://www.nexusmagazine.com/articles/ ... etic-field

Full 1 hour clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd9BqyrglGw
The following are the exact words I put in the slide of the 2103 presentation .Btw, these 250 slides that were put together then were compiled during my first real off grid experience in Costilla county Colorado where i used a few solar panels and a battery on my then mac book pro initializing data I had already saved while online in town.

What im about to read was 2013 assumption of how the world elite would planning the remainder of the cycle and into the next.


New fabricated external and internal threats.

Manufactured civil war over gun rights and other naturally born rights by baiting gun owners (and others) into reactionary behaviors by invoking responses of anger and defensive posturing.

Launch new proxy wars, conflicts, military interventions in Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Continue to disrupt American image and Long term national security.

Use economic crisis to further globalize world economies and ell off critical assets to global partners in crime.

These actions aim to further weaken basic infrastructure.[/i]


Manufacture mass event that turns entire world against United States - including some current allies.

The staging of a controlled world war three scenario between Russia, China and the United States.

The dispatch of foreign troops to the United States to quell civil unrest or circumstances that led to foreign occupation.

Staged breakup of federal government to make way for merger with Nato counties.

Creation of a new UN or League of Democracies to bring promise of peace the end the war of all wars.

I may later be producing a updated presentation on the solar flare influence over human affairs, in particular the cycles of war.
So as you might imagine, its not very popular to go around saying these things. it can cause someone a lot of hardship and been seen by society that sharing such views amounts to cult building, means one is a disinformation specialist or acting out of some other malicious or self interest. The risk one actually takes in talking about such things is often overlooked not to mention emotional toll and isolation.
Bringing us now to the late 2014-2015 period which preceded Donald Trump and the rise of the fake Islamic invasion meme.

On my website and youtube channel you can find dozens of hours of commentary on the Alex Jones and Donald Trump Deception but also discussing the real fake news that does exist and hasn't properly been identified - in fact innocent alternative media websites and channels are being targeted and demonetized under the guise of fighting white supreacy content. Youtube/fb/ google allowed and promoted the worse of the worse, I have seen it. This following clip was recorded over the winter when the fake sharia law invasion was still raging but already in its 2nd or 3rd year.
This advanced level psyops in my opinion had fb's help when those fake bot profiles pushing the network of fake sharia law invasion websites. Why else would I see those posts over and over meanwhile Im told by others on FB that my youtube links are updates are NOT being seen? Similar things have occured on youtube with many making a great deal of money promoting white genocide hysteria.

In the end, we have a situation of crying wolf when there is no Muslim invasion and that seems by design in my eyes to numb people to later disasters, invasions and real threats to women. This is how im interpreting the ongoing psyops unfolding now.

The predictive programming of Islamic terror has its roots in action films of the 80s and 90s as we can see from this clip from True Lies which came out in 1994. When people are influenced to constantly fear another group or race of humans committing terrorism against them, they are able to remain silent about their genocide. Are you seeing protests in Portland concerning the millions of dead Afghans or for a suspect of a robbery?

Predictive programming can clearly be seen in True Lies in which the terrorist group in the movie behaves and make threats similar to ISIS today. Is this a accident or by design?
by 2015 the Trump Train with its concurrent false narrative 'Establishment hates Trump' while purporting a fake witch hunt for Hillary (but a real one for those unwilling to hump the Trump. Trump never had a interest in charging Hillary but he will throw his supporters under the bus and drive over them several times back and forth.

It all was a show. The Trump Hillary association was public as as usually the media distracted the public with a fake left right, Trump/ Hillary election when they already had their selection, a Barack Obama for the Republics - Change we Can Believe in to Make American Great Again.

And as I warned my viewers, I saw many turn on me and so go racial as my challenge to their false Islamic invasion meme prompted the most below belt behaviors - my view on society is very different as of now until shown otherwise but the situation doesn't look good - Visit my website and channel for hours and hours of videos and podcasts leading up the election and exposing the real Alex Jones, an agent of something most will never understand.
In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to go on a show in the alternative media in which I did predict Trump would be a selection as well as a deception. The problem was, this interview didn't make it to air so to speak on his channel which I understand being that he was supporting Trump at the time. I am lucky I have this copy. Theres a lot I didn't get a chance to say in this interview but when we come back Ill read to you from my own blog at AlexAnsary.TV the Pr Election prediction of Trumps Selection and world war 3 with China, Russia. Heres the interview from the summer of 2016 - months before Trump takes office.

In addition, back in 2012, 5 years ago from todays date, Liz Wahl of RT invited me to come on to discuss transhumanism after she saw my interview with Tom Horn. This was several years after I began to warn of world war with China and Russia and videos online featured my questioning of the Russian narratives in the alternative media. Moreso in one video I can be seen mocking Putin. For some reason a producer intervened and reassigned Liz Wahl to another story. Im guessing my name was flagged by upper management and possibly some concern with what I might say in the interview. Liz resigned from RT 2 years later in 2014.

In September of 2016 I felt the urgency to document my Trump WW3 forecast right away as I saw how it fit into everything else I had come to know about this staged manged world war 3 and the timeline for 2021-2025. Everything to me has appeared right on schedule.

The article is titled Prediction: DONALD TrumP SELECTION - WW3 WITH CHINA, RUSSIA

I have predicted that Donald Trump is the elite’s real selection. The meme that ‘the establishment hates Trump’ is easily debunked as Trump goes in a more overt pro war Neo con direction following his recent GOP nomination. Now there are all kinds of military leaders (both former and current) and on board the Trump train ride that is straight from hell.


I believe that the recent coverage regarding Hillary Clinton is by design to force voters into the arms of Donald Trump. From ear pieces being ‘caught on camera’, to extreme coughing fits that have turned her health into a top story, we are looking at events that are staged in order to further enhance certain popular political narratives that have a more pop culture, drama driven reality-tv-nature than real information or news.

To make matters worse, Hilary’s move to marginalize the alternative media as ‘ALT RIGHT‘ (sounds like Third Reich some say) only further makes Trump appear to be a messianic savior to this particular demographic of researchers, activist, constitutionalists, etc. It’s as if everything is going according to plan….

I do not see her as appealing to the masses, nor do I see any honest attempts to act like a REAL candidate and gain REAL support.

I do not see Hillary for President bumper stickers and I have only seen one Trump sign in the last few months. It seems most people would rather not admit they are supporting either.

On the other end of the controlled paradigm, the disturbing rhetoric from Trump has triggered many unaware voters in the direction of Clinton. This has lead many observers to take a position that Trump has been running the entire time while secretly planning to ‘Rose Perot’ and step down before election time.

Trump has previously donated to the Clinton Foundation as has Vladimir Putin.

I believe the movements we are seeing from Hillary Clinton are in line with someone falling on her sword or something akin to a mafia controlled basketball player whose job is to win or lose by a certain margin.

I would also like to remind readers that the establishment media has made her email controversy a top trending story or purpose. If google hates Hillary, why is google news constantly informing us of her blatant corruption?

To further enhance the narrative to the people that the establishment backs Hillary, we saw a botched FBI investigation that clearly was rigged in her favor despite the obvious wrongdoings.

In the eyes of many, Hillary Clinton one of the world’s top super political criminals, and only the Trump train can stop her.

I have never taken the position that Bush or Obama are idiots, and I am not of the position that Hillary has genuine cognitive impairment…at least to the likes of what has been suggested by both the mainstream AND alternative media. In fact, I strongly suspect that much of how they present themselves to the public is well planned in advance. It’s extremely obvious that this is occurring each time Putin and Obama meet and put on their latest mock of a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) styled stare down.

Donald Trump is in no way a member of the truth movement. The recent endorsement by Alex Jones told us more about the ‘NEW ALEX JONES‘ and who he’s actually serving rather than proving and documenting (with facts) that Donald Trump is a man of truth, honor or integrity. Not only that, my concerns about Infowars being pro Russia (or operating as a Russian agent, among other possible groups, societies) have only been strengthened (however not verified).

In my opinion, the Clinton campaign has hijacked genuine concerns about a (NWO connected) Putin, Jones, Trump alliance and their influence/infection of today’s American alternative media.

The concerns are very reasonable (and not new) and should be investigated further. Unfortunately, what Clinton is doing (by design) is contaminating this conspiracy truth.
It’s the ultimate ‘turd in punch bowl’ analogy.

But it doesn’t mean it’s not truth. In addition, Clinton pointing her finger at Alex Jones appears more of a promotional boost for Jones, who I feel is a embarrassment and a proven liability to the truth movement. The man does not represent us but THEY are bringing him and his actions into the mainstream lime light and suggesting that he is. This will prove to be a growing problem as time goes on.


Since 2008 I have predicted a 3rd world war involving China, Russia and the United States with additional interference from their allied forces following in lock step.

The time period in which I see this coming war is the post 2020s, culminating around the year 2025 or the peak of the next solar cycle (see my work on solar cycles and cycles of war for more info.) Also, in 2008 I interviewed to a man that has had reoccurring dreams of a Chinese, Russia invasion that he began to have at the age of 10. While most laugh off the idea of prophetic dreams, there’s actually a fair amount of Americans that have blogged about such dreams of a catastrophic event. I simply happen to believe that the coming war is by design, and they indeed to control an outcome that I believe will expand global government to the likes we have never seen.

The timing of this ‘Trump Deception’ for the controlled right follows a deception for the controlled left with the election of Obama in 2008 and his reelection in 2012. In many ways I see similarities in both Trump and Obama – campaigns built on slogans of change and “shaking things up” when in reality they are serving a system that has selected them for their roles to co-opt both the left and right sections of today’s society.

Trump has presented himself a candidate that will take the fight even further into the middle east under the guise of fighting ISIS (with Saudi, Israeli, Russia, Chinese and other governments backing the war expansion in the middle east).

Despite all his statements, Trump has managed to successfully marketed himself to countless members of the American alternative media. I don’t know that the alternative media will ever be the same again and without a doubt, more deceptions are coming that may further divide us.

The truth is that Trump has numerously telegraphed his intentions to play tough with China and Russia.

It is for this reason (and others i will later share) that I believe Trump has been pre-selected as a World War candidate and that is the real reason Putin supports the rise of Trump (who like Obama) will give China and Russia a geopolitical advantage over the West’s seemingly military incompetence.

And what will Trump’s currency war with China do to the dollar?

What I see before us is a careful scripted theater of rigged war where the victor of World War 3 has already been decided, and I don’t believe it is the United States. Instead I look to the East that received much of its advanced technology from the west.

Whoever is selected in 2016 will (by design) take America into a new dark age by provoking a physical and economic war that it will not win.

Is it that hard to see his role in a economic, currency war with China followed by a real life hot war?

In addition, Iran is becoming a “threat” again.

And how will Trump really respond to Putin in Ukraine? Time will tell.

Out of the ashes of the controlled chaos, a official declaration of the updated structure of the New World Order is likely to be announced world wide following the theater of world war.

The events unfolding today are taking us there in light speed.

Ok so that was written in September 2016 and I called out the Trump / Deception the second it hit the internet and raising a lot of questions and bringing out a lot of the hyprocracy and deception to light.

As for the gentleman I spoke with in the summer of 2016, here he is as of last week - Early Apri 2017. When we come back well look at whats happening right now as the moment of recording (April 21, 2017)

AMTV''s Christopher Greene Signals WW3 ALERT - CHINA RUSSIA to Respond to Trump''s Strike on Syria

Christopher Greene delivers a warning to America about it''s future after Trump's actions on Syria. Edited by Alex Ansary.


It would take HOURS upon HOURS to cover EVERYTHING that is happening now and took some serious focus to summarize what I just did to lead to us where we are now and the content that will be presented on next week's show.

FIRST - It didn't take the Donald long to FLIP FLOP entirely on his support base. While some people celebrate, the reality is this was the agenda the entire time - to make it appear that the US is out of control, unable to elect decent candiates, the world will build a case that they need to act to stop him and or the next 2020 selection.

Trumps 59 Missiles shower down on Syria engraging Russia on que as Trump appeared by design to the world to be a barbarian shoving what he called "beatiful chocolate" cake into his mouth as he watched the attack with China's visiting president. PURE SOCIOPATHIC BEHAVIOR SERVED ON SILVER PLATTER IN A POLITE FOX NEWS SIT DOWN INTERVIEW FOR THE WORLD TO SEE AND HERE. HERE IS AMERICANS LEADER. GET READY. GET READY.....GET READY....

Trump sent a message but not one his supporters understand yet. Its not strength, its uncontrollable aggressive and the world will use Trump's actions against the US. Trump is acting on behalf of the forces that are seeking to destroy America from within.

oh by the way, Trump made money off the missile strikes via his shares in Raythelon.

Meanwhile the media will continue to use provocateur Alex Jones against the indepdendent media which takes longer to explain but is obvious his more recent belligenrent actions

One being his call for Trump to attack China and start world war 3.

and another is his recent gun waving in the studio incident which clearly unnerved his pet propagandist paul "islamic invasion" joseph watson..

now onto the news regarding china outside North Korea.

China Firing Missiles into Sea outside North Korea - this is my news brief summary for what is happening at the moment of reporting today being April 21 2017.

The footage comes just a week after China threatened to bomb North Korea.

North Korea Threatens ‘Super Preemptive Strike’ Turning US to Ashes

North Korea states "In the case of our super-mighty preemptive strike being launched, it will
completely and immediately wipe out not only U.S. imperialists’ invasion forces
in South Korea and its surrounding areas but the U.S. mainland and reduce them
to ashes, it said."

A president that campaigned on ending foreign conflicts seems rewarded with a crisis that is going to propel America into World War 3 quickly bringing in China and Russia, both allies of North Korea.

North Korea is a convenient excuse for risking world war but not so convenient when you learn how the WEST, China, and Russia armed North Korea in advance. World War 3 is by design and the victor has already been chosen. These events are mere dots on the map of dominos which are a means to a end.

Is this the elite’s depopulation agenda in action while they teach the people to want war out of self preservation?

Most online geopolitical commentators are showing total ignorance of the ties between North Korea and China with some dabbling in extreme fake news suggestions that China may attack North Korea for the USA. This propaganda seems tailored to pacify concerns that China will response harshly to future US actions in the region.

It is a pure propaganda ploy to suggest that the United States has a military upper hand on China when China already has a economic upper hand on the United
States as it funds our wars AND supplies our military with key technology. After all, China has the monopoly on the rare earth minerals that are commonly found in Afghanistan and mined thanks to the US occupation.

China and Russia Prepare New World Order Banking Structure

Australian Senator Calls for Putting Chinese in Camps if War Breaks Out

A senator in Australia is calling for relation against Chinese Australians if China attack the Australian Navy.

US missile system on way to Korean Peninsula

US angers China with THAAD deployment to South Korea to purportedly intercept North Korean Missiles.

Ann Coulter Doesn’t Care if Americans are Killed by North Korea

The News Tribune Reports:
Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter really has it out for Seattle. So much so that she wouldn’t mind if North Korea nuked Washington’s largest city.

Op-Ed: Top Cities Targeted during World War 3

What U.S. targets and cities would Russia most likely attack? That would depend largely on the strategic outcome Moscow sought.

For example, if Putin decided to first hurt the U.S. militarily and limit our ability to counterstrike, the most likely targets would be our largest military bases and nuclear mission facilities. Nuclear mission facilities would include ground-based missile silos, nuclear-armed submarines and bases with nuclear-capable bombers like Whiteman Air Force Base in mid-Missouri, home to all of the B-2 stealth bombers.

But Putin could also decide that it would be better to hit major American cities instead, including – in no particular order:
– Washington, D.C.
– New York City
– Chicago
– Los Angeles
– Dallas/Fort Worth
– Miami
– Seattle
– Houston
– Denver
– Philadelphia
– San Francisco
– Phoenix
– Tampa
– St. Louis
– Minneapolis
– Boston
– Atlanta

Now more recently in the news:

Russian Bombers Intercepted by US Fighter Jets Near Alaska Coast

Recently years have shown a sharp escalation of Russian bombers “intruding” upon US territories.

While world war has NOT begun over these incursions into US airspace, it’s possible the powers that be might allow a incident to occur in order to get the wheels of war into motion.

These events are becoming more and more common and it makes it easy for the mainstream media to sound the “Russian threat” alarm.

Russia Reveals Images of Militarized Base in Arctic

Russia openly reveals images once considered Top Secret. However with so many other scripted events in this ‘theater of war’, why assume this was a random unplanned move?
After an ‘icy’ (pardon the pun) meeting between Rex Tillerson and Russia Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov last week in Moscow, Vladimir Putin has just released the first public photos of a giant, top-secret military base recently built on the arctic island of “Alexandra Land.” According to media reports, the base is believed to be fully-armed with missile systems and nuclear-ready fighter jets.

Poland Welcomes US and Nato Forces with Wide Open Arms

Will foreign governments campaign against the US and it’s people in the future alleging we are incapable of electing peaceful or trustworthy candidates? Maybe that is the conspiracy we should be looking into.
We are totally out of time ladies and getlemen.

This now concludes this introduction to this ongoing series entitled 'What you Need to Know about World War 3 before the year 2025'

Bookmark the website -AlexAnsary.TV - and find out how you can help - Indepdendent media is under attack - You're help is needed to spread the word - Find out how now at the website and leave your feedback on the show at AlexAnsary.TV/forums.


Missile technology transfers to China
Russia special forces training in Colorado in 2012
Chinese police training in League City Texas,
China's Influence over Hollywood,

Im Alex Ansary, reminding you, the path to the ultimate truth and place of power lies within.

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