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Google to Punish Content Creators Labeled “Extremist” or “Controversial”


In today’s video, Alex Ansary discusses the war on alternative media and independent content creators on youtube/google.

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Youtube Dropping Corporate Hammer on Indy Content Creators! SOS

In today’s audio report from April 3rd 2017, Alex Ansary reports on youtube/google demonotizing independent voices.

In today’s audio report on April 3rd, 2017, Alex Ansary reports on corporate journalists targeting youtube and google.

Advice: Youtubers Need to Build a ON DEMAND Platform to Survive “Fake News” Witch hunt

In the podcast from 2/26/17, Alex Ansary discusses how there has never been a more important time to become financially independent from youtubes platform. Join the all new on demand channel at http://www.outsidethebox.vhx.tv.

In 2015, Alex Ansary raised questions about our preparedness for a google doomsday.