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Hillary Falls at Ground Zero like a good Actress


Alex Ansary – September 11th 2016

Yesterday I published a vlog suggesting that Hillary is falling on her sword and wrote a article suggesting that Trump wins in 2016. Hardly a soul noticed.

Today Hillary (nearly) falls at Ground Zero. And the crowd goes WILD!

I’m not supporting Trump or any other candidate. However political deception needs to be addressed especially when you have potential leaders misrepresenting who and what they are.

I see a psychological operation underway in the media to deflect from real information about Trump and to instead redirect to a circus side show featuring Hillary falling down the stairs over and over and over again or coughing up her lungs ad infinitum.

It is for some of these reasons that I see that Trump is  the establishment’s NEXT selection.

The idea is laughable as many people in the alternative media believe that ‘the elite’ are collectively behind Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump. It is a very misguided mode of perception of what is really going on this election.

On a side note, Alex Jones (long believed to be ‘controlled opposition’) has popularized the meme ‘Hillary for Prison’ which essentially has functioned to redirect the organic frustration of the people towards the servant-puppet, paper-pushing politicians of a global system while simultaneously endorsing candidates that will ultimately bolster a domestic police state.


Recent events have only further validated my belief that Hillary Clinton is purposely throwing the fight for Donald Trump, and  the media is making all of these ‘health emergencies’ very public for a reason.

It’s the ultimate Reality TV pop culture program for our day and age.

If Hillary is so sick that she could die at any moment, why then would she be the establishment’s pick?

This particular ‘conspiracy theory’ makes little rational sense to me.

In addition, if Google censors information against Hillary (as some allege), why does Google News constantly feature updates on the latest email scandal and FBI statements on Clinton?

As someone that monitors the news wire daily, I’m fully aware of what the social media tech giants are pushing as their top stories.  The Hillary Clinton email scandals along with the rise of Trump (in general) have been the top trending political stories (as if they are the only jugglers in this political circus).

trump clinton

Hillary’s recent ‘health crisis’ in NY comes a day after I uploaded a video to youtube discussing this topic.

In conclusion, I think the this whole act is comedic gold, and it is the kind of stuff that ‘Saturday night Live’ or ‘Mad TV’ is made of. Currently, a real zombie comedy like ‘Weekend at Bernies’ as a ‘Weekend at Hillary’s meme rages online,…….. an older lady falling down, passing out, having ear pieces in her ear, being caught destroying evidence and having massive social media tech giants making her the top trending story?

All the while Trump says to the masses, “Come to daddy!!!”

In broad daylight, divide and conquer of the masses is taking place.

There is a strong argument to suggest that Hillary has behaved in a manner that has sent voters in the direction of Trump while Trump has behaved in a manner that has sent votes in the direction of Hillary, and it has really been working out well for both of them.

I would encourage observers to be more suspicious of both Trump and Hillary and to do their own research and digging regarding their previous dealings.

The candidates on the national stage are likely in each others pockets and together..serving the establishment by any means necessary.

One last point. Hillary Clinton said her visit was the closest thing to Hell that she has ever seen. In other words, Clinton the actress, in this staged managed selection election is comparing ground zero to her previous visits to hell. Very interesting considering Assange recently called her a demon, and the demon witch supervillian meme is already deeply embedded in the collective psyche of today’s American.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton is well aware of her actions and is putting on a show. If in fact some of these humans have sold their soul, the depths of how deceptive they can be is..well…DEEP!


To be continued…