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Islam is not a Race


I am on record for YEARs saying these situations would increase. (see this video for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xkXk85WT8w).

When I post about this possibility of non Muslims being confused for Muslims. Islam is not a Race. Even the Islamaphobes will say that statement to say they are being fair. They admit Islam is not a race and still confuse ISLAM WITH RACE! This entire things is a cover for white supremacy and a large event down the line in our county that may include concentration camps. Also being born today as a females does not automatically provide that female any empathy. Most are acting without it. I have no problem blocking anyone I see on the feed pushing lies, hatred and joking about “sniping” refugees which I did see people doing after the last staged attack. I don’t expect the stated attacks to stop.I wish Muslims could hear my warnings in past videos that they US allegiances to the president or others may be something that could lead them to danger. I know there are many Muslims that love this country and TRUST it. They are making a mistake. There are some people that are of mixed race that are on board this game of disinformation that is blaring the lines between truth and fiction. The darker skinned women on Fox screaming “KILL THEM!!!! WE NEED TO KILL THEM” – I don’t wish harm on her or people like her. I am confident they (on their own) may experience their own karma. I have nothing to do with that. Bedding down with evil is a trap to grab your mind body and spirit.