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New York Times: Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves as she walks from her daughter's apartment building Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, in New York. Clinton unexpectedly left Sunday's 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York after feeling "overheated," according to her campaign. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle) ORG XMIT: NYCR114


Donald J. Trump tried to strike a magnanimous tone about the illness that overtook Hillary Clinton this weekend, saying on Monday that he hopes his rival for the presidency recovers soon from a bout of pneumonia and promising to release his own detailed health report this week.

“I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and we’ll be seeing her at the debate,” Mr. Trump said on Fox News.

The positive wishes were a departure for Mr. Trump, who for weeks has criticized Mrs. Clinton for lacking the “stamina” to be commander in chief and for keeping a light campaign schedule. In a separate interview with CNBC, Mr. Trump acknowledged that campaigning was grueling work but raised questions about how transparent the Clinton campaign had been about her health.

“They say pneumonia — on Friday but she was coughing very, very badly, a week ago and even before that if you remember,” Mr. Trump said. “It’s very interesting to see what’s going on.”

The Republican nominee will be keeping the health concerns in the spotlight by releasing the results from his own medical examination this week. So far, Mr. Trump has only released an unorthodox note from his doctor that said he would be the healthiest president ever to serve.

“I saw what was going on with her and I said ‘you know I’m going to do something,’” Mr. Trump said on CNBC, in which he revealed that he had a physical last week. “I’ll be announcing, sometime during the week I’ll be handing out a paper with some very large numbers, hopefully very good statistics.”

He added, “I feel very confident, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be telling you I did this.”

Mr. Trump continued to hit Mrs. Clinton for her comments on Friday in which she labeled many of his supporters “deplorables at a fund-raiser in New York. He described her comments on Monday on Fox News as “the biggest mistake of the political season.”

Despite his confidence that the race’s momentum is swinging in his favor, Mr. Trump also expressed concern that the system was being rigged against him. In the CNBC interview he said that the presidential debates should have no moderators because they are unlikely to treat him fairly. And he suggested that President Obama was compelling the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low so that the economy remains artificially strong under his watch.

“She’s obviously political and she’s doing what Obama wants her to do,” Mr. Trump said of Janet L. Yellen, chairwoman of the Federal Reserve.

Mr. Trump is scheduled to speak at the National Guard Association of the United States conference in Baltimore on Monday afternoon and hold a campaign rally in North Carolina in the evening.