Monday, March 27, 2017
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Archons hate Mixed Race Humans / Overcoming White Genocide Hysteria The true creator and it's assets laughs at those worshiping this false white god of the white supremacists.

ArchAngel Michael Exposed as Archon! Many today have found themselves deceived by an entity less benevolent than originally thought. See Also:  

Archon Podcast: Peacefully Handing Negative Influences, People One of the most important things to remember is to not react as the negative person or entity wants us to react.

What about the Archons? A Continuous Conversation on Unseen Forces… This is a ongoing talk that has no beginning and no end.

Kalamazoo Suspect: Uber App Controlled him ‘like A.I.’

We are beginning to see a stronger pattern of shooters reporting some form of mind control. The 911 calls and arrest video from February’s massacre...

What Happened to Portland, Oregon?! – The Invasion of Energy Vampires... Alex Ansary shares his thoughts on how a great city fell to archonic hive mind consciousness.  

Archonic Influence over Western Society – Why No Protests of Sexual... There is a reason for the apathy and denial we have witnessed the last decade and the truth is stranger than fiction.

How Archons Control Men through their Sexuality & Lust There are some very specific ways in which males can be bound to this matrix for more than a lifetime.

Have (some) White Americans Become Targeted Individuals? I am noticing that a demographic of white people, an aspect the so called pure blonde blue eyes are falling for the false islamic...

Archon Podcast Series – August 2015 – Off the Grid

This is a list (in order) of the archon podcasts that I recorded from my RV in Costilla, County Colorado (shortly before the off...

Eve Lorgen on the Alien Love Bite – Interference in Human... Alex speaks with Eve Lorgen about her research into alien interference in human relationships. gRecorded on March 06, 2015 in Portland, Oregon, USA. Her...

Alex Ansary Interviews Thomas Sheridan about Sociopaths Alex and Thomas talk for the first time about sociopaths in society and in the research community. Originally aired LIVE on American Freedom Radio...

Joe Anonymous on Dealing with Gang Stalking/Trolls/Psychic Attack As stressed in the video, many things that people believe is "(human sourced) gang-stalking" may in fact be malevolent spiritual entities that are toying...

Psychic Attacks Need to Be Protected Against This is just a brief video on the topic of a greater reality than what most are able to understand.

GangStalking Sounds Like Archon Psychic Attack The symptoms that people are describing sounds consistent with mind invasion.