Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Alex Ansary reads ‘Infinite Supply’ by Joel Goldsmith – Spiritual Texts...

In this special spiritual text audio reading, Alex Ansary reads 'infinite supply' by Joel Goldsmith. A previous reading from the same author on 2/26/17. From the...

Spiritual Perspectives on Humanity’s Earth Matrix Soul Prison Alex Ansary shares his thoughts on escaping the soul matrix.

Spiritual Warfare within Political Distraction, False News Matrix Are your thoughts your own?

Spiritual Warfare on the Earth during Soul Harvesting Season There is a specific reason why the forces of darkness operating this political circus are working to entrap the souls of men.

Impacting the Matrix with our Consciousness We have the ability to impact our reality with our consciousness.

Open Your Mind to the Truth that Life is a Test Alex Ansary raises questions about the purpose of our existence here on earth.

David Icke on the Nature of Reality (2005) Author David Icke appears on OTBTV to share his understanding of the global conspiracy and the true nature of reality and possibility. David's website...