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Park County Colorado Targets Off Gridders

OFFGRIDCO.COM Steve Bedigian lives in a hole in the ground. His only protection from the elements nearly 9,000 feet above sea level comes from a tent...

Living Off Grid when the Country is Divided by Design (and... The snowed in experience begins soon....only this time, I not without the things i need to come to you. Although its simple technology, it...

Off Grid Living as a Spiritual Practice (Podcast) There are many reasons living closer to nature fulfills my spirit during these turbulent times we are living in.

Health Tip Suggestion: More People Should Travel, Camp to Reconnect with... Its important to step back from the grind and experience raw nature.

Costilla County’s War on Off Grid Living Playlist

Feature playlist for developing story in Costilla County (South Central, Colorado). Articles archived at AMTVMEDIA.COM.

Costilla County Pushes Disabled Vietnam Vet off Land

 ALEX ANSARY - NOVEMBER 25th, 2015 Meet Darrell Carter. Spiritual teacher, off gridder, disabled Vietnam veteran. He's also the latest victim of Costilla County's war...

Our Purpose on Earth – To Access our Hidden Powers Alex Ansary shares his thoughts on our purpose here on planet earth.

Costilla County Sheriffs Dept. Pushes Off Gridders out of San Luis,... This video contains previously unseen footage edited together (in order) showing a more complete account of what happened in San Luis, Colorado on 9-15-15.

Recounting my Urban Survival Adventure with a Homemade Teardrop Camper &... In this video I talk openly about my urban survival experience in Portland Oregon building a homemade teardrop camper before I upgraded to something...

Alex Ansary Interviews Max Igan – OTB Radio Archive Recorded while living off the grid in the San Luis Valley of South Central Colorado.

Staying in a Yurt in Costilla County Colorado (2012)

My initial thoughts on the San Luis Valley & Costilla County in late 2012.  

Alex Ansary on Going Beyond the Fear of Living Without Money...

Alex shares his views on the need to think and create a new reality in response to the collapse of our economy. How do...