Monday, June 26, 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Archons In today'S special presentation, Alex Ansary answers questions fro a viewer about humanity's spiritual parasites. FULL SHOW:   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ON DEMAND – START YOUR FREE...

Alex Ansary reads ‘Infinite Supply’ by Joel Goldsmith – Spiritual Texts...

In this special spiritual text audio reading, Alex Ansary reads 'infinite supply' by Joel Goldsmith. A previous reading from the same author on 2/26/17. From the...

Evolve Your Consciousness Within & Survive the Spiritual Warfare In order to survive what is coming and is already here, we have to develop ourselves within.

Spiritual Preparedness Before World War 3 We each have to come to a understanding of what that means for us.  Its not something easily learned through observing others alone.

Prepare Yourself SPIRITUALLY for Earth’s New Dark Age Some late night thoughts on the need to be prepared from WITHIN.

Spiritual Perspectives on Humanity’s Earth Matrix Soul Prison Alex Ansary shares his thoughts on escaping the soul matrix.

Spiritual Commentary on Protecting Yourself From Fear and Strengthening your Spirit... A few thoughts on protecting your mind and over riding the mind virus. Impact the hive mind with higher awareness. Recognize divine interventions to...

Off Grid Living as a Spiritual Practice (Podcast) There are many reasons living closer to nature fulfills my spirit during these turbulent times we are living in.

Archon Podcast: Peacefully Handing Negative Influences, People One of the most important things to remember is to not react as the negative person or entity wants us to react.

Contemplations on Surviving Ongoing Spiritual Warfare Much of the problems of our world today stem from spiritual warfare directed at the human population.

Spiritual Warfare within Political Distraction, False News Matrix Are your thoughts your own?

Basic Psychic Protection Defense Meditation A basic place to get started as you contemplate your spiritual sovereignty.

Impacting the Matrix with our Consciousness We have the ability to impact our reality with our consciousness.

Solar Flares and Human Consciousness Podcast Here are some new years thoughts on the solar cycle and it's impact on human affairs.

Intro to Psychic Protection Meditation Techniques This is a basic overview of a mediation that involves bringing in a gold sun, establishing a grounding cord and running earth and cosmic...