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THE FUTURE OF YOUTUBE and Advice for New and Experienced Independent Content Creators


Youtube has boxed a lot of content creators into it’s social media ghetto by providing youtubers with peanuts and pennies on the dollar for their videos with an average of 1/4 of a cent per view.

Now that system is collapsing. Alex Ansary discusses the content creators future beyond youtube and basic advice to the new content creator as well as the experienced.

It’s important to think outside the box of youtube with regards to sharing content.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Non Controversial Content to Continue on this Channel

Sweeping new changes to the youtube policies are requiring certain measures to remain on this platform.

Commentary that I believe to be beneficial to a individuals personal growth will now become the primary focus on This channel. I am making this decision at random as of right now.

Geopolitical news and other controversial commentary will continue on cable access television and my all new on demand channel. Thank you very much supporters here on youtube.
For that, the commentaries on our spiritual nature here in this matrix will continue.

I will consider some options for other places to upload some video content for free.

Youtube Prohibiting New Uploads from Controversial Youtuber AMTV

In the new war on controversial content on youtube, AMTV is the latest casualty. It should be noted NOW that I have made comments in my videos recently airing my concern for my channel itself and its content – which is a totally separate issue than losing the money we used to earn. Its now a risk to keep using this channel to call out the elites plans for world war 3.

My favorite topic is not fake news, its whats happening before our very eyes.

Its dangerous to keep using my own channel and putting it in risk and being hated on for the content I have put out. Its not fair to me and its not fair to those that do appreciate my content who want to see my commentaries and investigations grow. I understand many watch in hoping to see me fall or in pain. That has been made clear long ago that my channel has served as a form of entertainment for many.

Future commentary on geopolitics will be at the on demand channel. Everyone needs to make sure they have made a backup of their channel if those used their channel to expose similar things.

Others that have played it safe may be ok while many others that have been playing it safe are not alright and they are also considered unfriendly to advertisers.

From youtube adsense collapsing… to channels losing their right to upload….. its fair to say my warnings about channels going dark are validated and this is bigger than a issue regarding adsense. They appear interested in wiping us out off of youtube. It’s only a matter of time for others.

Alex Explain Youtube Adsense Apocalypse Big Picture / Tips for Content Creators Moving On

In today’s video, Alex Ansary discusses the big picture behind the youtube censorship as we face world war 3.

Youtube Content Creators have lost their Monetization and Right to Comment on World Affairs


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