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The Islamic Rape That Isn’t being Discussed Today…


In today’s podcast, Alex Ansary discusses middle eastern victims of assault the western world has chosen to ignore.

The current migrant rape epidemic (as its being called) is fairly recent as frightening as it might be.

However a real life “brown genocide” has been occurring in a real sense in not only bombs dropping on people living in countries that had nothing to do with the 911 attacks but countless stories of civilian women being sexually assaulted by occupying troops from western nations from both Europe and the United States.

Why is this overlooked today when it was discussed as far back as the BUSH Administration by even Alex Jones of Infowars.com?

For those that recall, these topics were featured issues on The Alex Jones Channel before the narrative shifted 180 degrees. Alex Jones at one time was the only major media figure alleging that US troops actually raped Iraqi children in from of their parents using  battery acid. For that I respected him and saw in him in my eyes to be one of the bravest men of our era.

Of all groups, the brown genocide that I speak of has been particularly occurring in Afghanistan to its already warn torn refugees who  were not responsible for the 911 attacks either on a mastermind level or auxiliary support level.

This is something that many who consume alternative media should be able to understand after all those that consume mainstream media content obviously have NOT been able to stumble upon the obvious 911 truth and unanswered questions about that day.

Alex Jones himself declared 911 was an inside job as  others have been speculating that the current #POTUS will reopen a 911 investigation.

I ask, how can there be healing to the lies of 911 without reporting on the uncounted death toll of Afghan civilians since 9/11/01 as well as the widespread stories of sexual assault and rape that are reported to have happened to many innocent civilians both male and female including children?

Where is the #pizzagate crowd to the rescue of the children of the world when we need them?

After all, we are talking about a  county blamed for 911 that in reality was no longer a actual country but a war torn region without any infrastructure or stable government or military in the post Russian occupation of 79-89 in which millions were slaughtered.

The Afghan people then fell victim to reign of the Taliban (with US money via Pakistani ISI Intelligence network channels) which ruled with a iron fist over innocent Afghan civilians.  In other words, the TALIBAN and other RADICAL ISLAMIC sects were NON ELECTED but WARLORD FEUDAL systems of imperialism using ISLAM as a front and western funds for vehicles, arms and equipment. The artificial rise of  Taliban is the perfect example before ISIS took center stage.

How could ISIS develop a stronghold in the center of region of a major US presence 10 years plus after their arrival?

Why was there no real end to the western money  fueling the so called radical Islamic war machine?

Do you understand now why ISIS was so easily able to gain a foothold in Afghanistan? It’s always been by design.

The events of 9/11/01 brought Afghanistan back into the spotlight which provided the pretext for the invasion that continues to this day.

Later they announced their so called late discovery of the minerals of value. It wasn’t just about opium.

How often do you see people showing compassion for civilians esp. in areas where they know that US money (tax dollars and black ops funding) has gone to fuel radical Islam (i.e. Obama behind ISIS narrative)  so the pentagon always has an enemy  to fight, to provide the pretext for more military spending?

Many people claim to already know that aspects of the WESTERN intelligence arms has fueled militant opposition in the middle east.

Then why continue to or allow others to demonize innocent human beings as terrorists while not discussing the innocent civilians killed or raped by either actual humans serving the occupation or by their robot armies and drones?

For Afghanistan and the middle east, drone strikes have activated SKYNET as machines kill the living without protest.

The following are a series of reports of the victims of war being sexually assaulted by foreign troops. Where is either LEFT or the RIGHT to be seen protesting this?

Do #Afghanlivesmatter to anyone yet?

And if someone was to protest these specific actions or RAPES, would they be kissing their career away in certain fields or alienating their audiences if they are public speakers?

I believe the answer is YES (in some cases).

The lyrics to Pink Floyd’s “Is There Anybody Out there” fits this moment quite nicely (see video below).