Back in May Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Eugene, Oregon.

“Have you ever read what Hillary Clinton did to the women that Bill Clinton had affairs with? And they’re going after me with women?” Trump said. “She’s been the total enabler. She would go after these women and destroy their lives. She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.”

In January, Trump said this about Hillary. “She’s got one of the great women abusers of all time sitting in her house, waiting for her to come home for dinner.”

It’s all part of the show.

Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are close friends. Bill and Hillary attended the Donald’s wedding to Melania Knauss, now Melania Trump, in 2005. There is a photo of the couples chumming it up during the wedding.

Last week photos were released by the Clinton Presidential Library in response to a Freedom of Information Act filed by Politico. One photo shows Bill and Donald posing with Melania and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kylie Bax during the U.S. Open tournament in Flushing Meadows, New York, in 2000.


“Some of the photos taken in a private box at the tennis tournament appear to reflect a jovial mood. Trump’s future wife, Melania, and Bax—clad in a baby blue and white Playboy bunny T-shirt—are laughing in one image, while in others Bill Clinton smiled broadly as the real estate mogul seemed to be cracking jokes,” Josh Gerstein writes.

Another photo from 2008 shows Trump and Clinton playing golf at Briarcliff Manor in New York.


“I like him. And I love playing golf with him,” Clinton said in a May 2012 interview with CNN.

Trump may have recently denounced Bill Clinton as a sexual predator but in 2008 he defended the former president. “Look at the trouble Bill Clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant, and they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense,” Trump said during another CNN interview.

It is doubtful Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, and Paula Jones consider Clinton’s predatory behavior unimportant.

“[Hillary’s] married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. She’s married to a man who hurt many women,” Trump said at a May 7 rally in Spokane, Washington. “She’s married to a man who got impeached for lying. He was impeached and he had to go through a whole big process and it wasn’t easy.”

A couple weeks later he accused Bill Clinton or rape.

Is this how friends talk about each other in public?

Not that it matters. It’s all staged. In late May, Donald and Bill chatted it up. The phone call, according to an aide, “came after Trump reached out to Clinton ‘a few times’ before the businessman decided to run for the Republican presidential nomination. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton’s wife, was already running for president at the time,” CNN reported.

Hillary was fascinated with Donald Trump back in the day. In 1993, when Trump married Marla Maples, Clinton couldn’t get enough of the billionaire and his glamorous wife.

According to gossip columnist Cindy Adams:

Maybe a day or two before is when Donald married Marla Maples. I attended the wedding. The press was full of the story. And the single most important topic Hillary wanted to talk about? D. Trump.

Her press attaché and chief of staff, who were present, might recall the conversation. Hillary Clinton wanted to hear about Donald. What’s he like? Tell us about the ceremony. Who was there?

Does this sound like a woman who supposedly believes Donald Trump is the most dangerous man in America?


Trump tried to explain away a photo taken during his third marriage. He put in the context of a $100,000 contribution to the Clinton Foundation.

“When they call, I give. And you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me,” Trump said. “With Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding, and she came to my wedding. You know why? She didn’t have a choice, because I gave.”

If you believe this, I have a bridge for sale in Bir Lehlou, a nice little town in Western Sahara.

In fact, the animosity between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is staged. It’s part of the political charade rolled out every four years. The Clintons are valued members of the political class. Trump is a corporatist. The corporate and political classes are interconnected and often one and the same.

The war of words between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is high political theater. Both represent the same interests. It matters little who sits behind the desk in the Oval Office. The globalist agenda will move forward, the wars will continue, and the financial class will continue to loot the economy.

It is disturbing, however, that factions within the so-called alternative media have fallen for the scam and support Donald Trump and herald him as a savior. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is an important lesson that should have been learned when the tea party created by Ron Paul and his supporters was infiltrated and converted into a cheering section for the Republican party. Political threats to the establishment are routinely undermined and coopted if not destroyed outright. A primary example of political threat mitigation can see seen with the Occupy Wall Street movement (or for that matter the so-called New Left in the 1960s and 70s, neutralized by the FBI and COINTELPRO) and more recently the political movement following Bernie Sanders.

It will be interesting to witness the response of the alt-right movement and associated libertarians when and if Donald Trump becomes president and continues the globalist agenda.

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