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Youtube Channel Demonetized! Updates and other Thoughts Coming to my Website


On August 11th 2018 my youtube channel was demonetized for  using copyrighted content in some of my videos.


What was interesting was that it followed the ban of Alex Jones of infowars.com by only a few days and I didn’t have multiple strikes on my channel, only 1 at the time from a prominent member of the alt right.  It’s difficult to know exactly why I lost the monetization but those in a witch hunt for Alex Jones might accidentally also confuse my ideas for his.  Although we both are in a similar genre of alternative viewpoints online, I have made a number of videos criticizing his bizarre and insulting behavior to even his former viewers that had the guts to call him out long ago.

In the witch hunt against fake news, many innocent people have been caught up in the crosshairs and I think its possible youtube came up with a excuse to demonetize my channel. Youtube’s auto messaging system  advised me to clean up the channel and reapply for the partner program after September 13th 2018.

Hundreds of videos have been deleted however some particular viewpoints might need to be moved to other video platforms and that is being considered at this time while I backup my entire channel. Maybe that 2005 interview with Alex Jones should come down as well.

I wanted to log in today and make this post and hopefully end a period of inactivity for the channel. In fact, I have wondered if my other niche news based websites should be taken down in order to center my focus on writing on my main website. I do plan on leaving offgridco.com up no matter what and posting some original commentary soon on my off grid thoughts from deep in the green of southern Colorado.

A lot of the events that are taking place now mirror my own warnings given verbally via on my youtube channel about the fake news being used to demonize the real grassroots media outlets.  The entire thing is chilling and has provoked me to consider other means of reaching my audience via printed zines sent out via mail as the digital clampdown continues.

I will be back to my own website, my own platform with many more thoughts and more posts occuring at a regular rate.

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