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Netflix has an incredibly vast selection of TV series to choose from. In the past few years, the company’s commitment to creating new original content has been unparalleled. While other companies like Hulu and HBO seek to produce fewer series of high quality. Netflix is genuinely dedicated to satisfying all of its viewers with diverse interests. The best Netflix series that has proven to be popular among viewers and critics is The Crown.

The Crown is a historical drama that first debuted three years ago in November of 2016. Now in its third season. The Crown has risen to the top of the charts year after year. The show focuses on the life and history of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II from her rise to the throne to her present-day life. 

It is a free TV, yes, you heard me. Pluto TV is an entirely free streaming service.

They do not ask for any form of payment when signing up, no credit or debit cards or sign-ups, all you need is to do is activate Pluto TV, and you are all set.

They depend on what a variety of streaming services also depend on advertisements. Pluto TV knows you would instead not want to be bothered with too many adds, so they claim that they run fewer adds than standard cable to make your viewing experience more enjoyable. And by using advertisements, they can give you 100+ live channels, on-demand movies, live news coverage, and television shows.

What is Sisu and why do I need to know about it? Well aside from becoming one of the biggest buzzwords to enter the realm of self-help in 2018, it is a concept with more relevance today than ever before. Sisu (pronounced sis-uh) is a Finnish word, whose literal translation is guts, meaning resilience or inner strength, and relates to how we handle the struggles that life throws at us. It isn’t something you’re expected to have 24/7, but rather something you conjure up from within when you feel you’ve come to the limit of your capabilities; reaching within, pushing yourself far beyond what you first thought yourself capable of. The concept of Sisu has been around for centuries, cementing its place as the word that defined the Finnish nation.

We all know where do the best football teams come from, however, not many of us knew that Ghana’s national team won the African Cup of Nations four times! Apart from the Black Stars, their young team became the only team from Africa to win the FIFA U-20 World Cup Championship, and the list goes on! Ghana is one of the most developed African countries, where you could learn how to professional play football, or how to fall in love with skiing. Residents of Ghana are very proud of Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong who managed to break through to the other side and live every athlete’s dream!

Tennis is an incredibly fun sport that gives the body an amazing workout. Over the years this sport has grown in size and popularity. The basic rules involve hitting a green tennis ball over the net to the opposite players side within the lines of the surrounding box. A point issued to the player if the rival cannot return the serve or hits the ball out of bounds. Of course, there are more in-debt rules, but this is the basis of it for those who may need a refresher.

As the Tennis Industry grows so do ways of enjoying it. One in particular is following the Tennis WTA live rankings. These are predictions of the tennis players ranking for the upcoming week in the season. They have rankings for both male and female players in the sport. This helps viewers follow their favorite player and aides in betting on games as well if you decide to gamble with the rankings.