Best TV serires of Netflix

Netflix has an incredibly vast selection of TV series to choose from. In the past few years, the company’s commitment to creating new original content has been unparalleled. While other companies like Hulu and HBO seek to produce fewer series of high quality. Netflix is genuinely dedicated to satisfying all of its viewers with diverse interests. The best Netflix series that has proven to be popular among viewers and critics is The Crown.

The Crown is a historical drama that first debuted three years ago in November of 2016. Now in its third season. The Crown has risen to the top of the charts year after year. The show focuses on the life and history of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II from her rise to the throne to her present-day life. Included in the events covered are Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Philip, the tumultuous engagement of Princess Margaret to Peter Townsend, and the stressful circumstances of the Suez Crisis. While following these events, among others. The Crown presents the complex and unique relationships between members of the British royalty, as well as the dynamic personalities of influential political figures. including Winston Churchill. Netflix expects the show to span over six series. with the fourth series already in development

The cast of The Crown is one of the reasons it has become such a successful series. Not so much the fame of the cast, but rather the raw talent and incredible devotion to historical accuracy. One exciting thing about the show is that the cast in the first two seasons was replaced for the third and fourth seasons. It is a unique decision on the part of the producers in that it shows how devoted viewers are to the story and the characters, not just to the actors. The main actors in the first two seasons were Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth. Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. John Lithgow as Winston Churchill and Matt Smith as Prince Philip, Claire Foy, in particular, delivered an incredible performance in both seasons that was rewarded heavily by critics and fans alike.

In the third season, the show strengthened their commitment to the importance of historical accuracy and decided to hire a new cast rather than have the original cast continue to portray older versions of their characters. While this may be risky, in particular with the actors who developed their roles in such powerful ways like Claire Foy and Vanessa Kirby, the actors who replaced them have so far proven to be worthy of acclaim of their own. In particular. Olivia Coleman’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth and Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of Princess Margaret have added an unexpected emotional maturity and depth to both characters. Alongside these actors. Netflix has added Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip. Jason Watkins as Harold Wilson, and Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles. While the nominations for the current season are not yet determined, early reviews have been positive in support of this new cast. Netflix intends to continue this method of changing its cast every two seasons, so viewers can expect to see new actors for the fifth and sixth seasons. Based on their casting decisions so far, it’s likely that the final two seasons will have a cast as powerful and talented as the first four seasons.

The Crown has proven itself as Netflix’s top show in both its popular standing among viewers, as well as its evident success with critics and awards. The show has been nominated for several prestigious awards including the top spot at the Golden Globes. Screen Actors Guild. British Academy Television Craft Awards, and the Emmy Awards. It has won several of those awards and very rightfully so. Claire Foy was particularly successful, winning the Best Actress Golden Globe in 2016. In their current season, this new cast seems positioned to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham Carter, in particular, have stepped into their respective roles with such force it’s hard to remember the show without them.

While awards and accolades are clear measures of success for The Crown, it’s the reception from viewers that sets it aside from the rest of Netflix’s series. From Anglophiles to history buffs to fans of a riveting drama, the show has boldly entered the roster of top series for any producing company. Part of the show’s success has to do with its historical accuracy. When dealing with recent history, it’s incredibly important to discuss topics with sensitivity and an awareness of the audience. This is one aspect in which The Crown excels and one of the reasons the show is so popular. They understand well that some viewers lived through the events they are portraying, both close to the country, as well as from abroad. The show is careful to explain the nuances of history without being repetitive or overly simple. They balance a difficult task of explaining enough to the layperson while also maintaining the interest of people with more knowledge of the events.

At the same time, they are talented in attracting a young audience that has not lived through the games at all. To add to the complexity of The Crown’s role in popular culture, there’s the obvious fact that the show is about real people and real events.

Moreover, people and events are incredibly powerful, and their impact is wide-reaching. Not surprisingly, reports from the British royalty have indicated that the family does indeed watch the show and, so far, they’ve been in support of it through subtly humorous and witty writing and strong performances from the actors. The Crown delivers on multiple and diverse levels.

While in its third season and thus the 1970s now. The Crown is set to take the viewer through the next few decades and events including the prime minister rules of Margaret Thatcher and the rise of the beloved Lady Diana Spencer. Dealing with these issues with sensitivity while also appealing to the show’s entertainment role will be a difficult task. It seems critics and viewers are all on board to take this journey with The Crown.

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