Sports in Ghana

We all know where do the best football teams come from, however, not many of us knew that Ghana’s national team won the African Cup of Nations four times! Apart from the Black Stars, their young team became the only team from Africa to win the FIFA U-20 World Cup Championship, and the list goes on! Ghana is one of the most developed African countries, where you could learn how to professional play football, or how to fall in love with skiing. Residents of Ghana are very proud of Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong who managed to break through to the other side and live every athlete’s dream!

However, the famous Snow Leopard didn’t learn to ski in Ghana, but he moved to England where he kick-started his career. Coming back to Ghana’s national sport, football is by far the most popular amongst Ghanaians, who are following their incredibly successful male team since the ’50s. If you too want to play like Muntari, Pele, Kuffour or Appiah, you can head to the Accra Stadium and enjoy a quality game of soccer, hockey, or tennis. There you will also find a gym with a wide selection of equipment, where you can easily spend hours.

You don’t need to go all the way to Bali or Australia for a good surf lesson; why not fly to Accra and enjoy the same warm ocean breeze? Mr. Bright’s might be the only school in town, but it has absolutely everything that you might need. For those who are not into surfing, we recommend trying paddleboarding, or canoeing, as you slowly drift away on the ocean waves, far away from the bustling crowd of the city.

If you are planning on riding a surfboard in Ghana this year, make sure to visit this beautiful African country just in time for the big International Surf Day Contest in June. You can join surfers all around the world on an early morning surf, sliding through the gentle waves, watching the sun come out. You will also run across the popular surfers’ group, the Kokrobite Carvers, who will be more than happy to give you a lesson and teach you everything you want to know about their culture.

You are not that much into football and surfing, but you are an avid cycling fan? We have got you covered! The best way to explore Ghana is through the experience of cycling. You will get to see the most beautiful historical and cultural spots while, at the same time, burning calories and staying active. Just a few miles from the capital, you will find Aburi, a city on the outskirts of a mountain, surrounded by greenery and a breathtaking panoramic view of Accra. While this ride might not be for beginners, we assure you that the view from the top will be absolutely worth it. Another spot that you shouldn’t avoid is now a famous tourist side, the Adomi Bridge in the west of the country. The enchanting Volta river under the bridge and the serene, untouched nature of Ghana will leave you in a state of lingering peace, as you cycle along with more of the beautiful landscapes.

Although Ghana still hasn’t produced top-rank tennis players, the sport is indeed quite popular in the country. You can practice your tennis moves at the Accra Lawn and Tennis Club, on the clay courts during day and night. Don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of fancy players dressed in white, that is just the dress code. For those who are looking for even more fun, we recommend the Tesano Sports Club, which features two pools, and a very popular badminton court. Both clubs are equipped with lounge bars, where you can relax after the game, have a drink or two, and make new friends.

Ghana will appeal to every athlete’s taste, whether you are a passionate golfer or a boxing champion. Achimota Golf Club, Bridge Boxing Gym, Polo Club, and many other sports complexes will warmly welcome the players from all around the country and the world. Achimota is also famous for being the oldest boarding school in Ghana, where you can marvel at the building and history of the place while enjoying a quality game of golf.

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