Using WTA Live Rankings to Follow Tennis

Tennis is an incredibly fun sport that gives the body an amazing workout. Over the years this sport has grown in size and popularity. The basic rules involve hitting a green tennis ball over the net to the opposite players side within the lines of the surrounding box. A point issued to the player if the rival cannot return the serve or hits the ball out of bounds. Of course, there are more in-debt rules, but this is the basis of it for those who may need a refresher.

What are WTA Live Rankings?

As the Tennis Industry grows so do ways of enjoying it. One in particular is following the Tennis WTA live rankings. These are predictions of the tennis players ranking for the upcoming week in the season. They have rankings for both male and female players in the sport. This helps viewers follow their favorite player and aides in betting on games as well if you decide to gamble with the rankings.

For example, right now it looks like Ashleigh Barty, Karolina Pliskova, and Simona Halep are currently in the top rankings, however this can change at any time. To find a WTA rank you take the players record over a 52 week period. Then using some already formed computations, you use their scores , major hit points and more from 16 tournaments in order to compute the rank. There are more resources online if you wish for the exact calculations. The method of creating ranks slightly varies in doubles.

How Can Tennis Fans Access WTA Live Rankings

There are many different sites which offer the WTA live rankings. They collectively are usually equal in data since predictions are made on their previous records. These websites will include players name, country, career level, whether they are moving up or down and projected scores and or wins for the following week. These are updated throughout the week as games are played. Anything can happen in these live rankings. One day your player will be on the top of the list, another and they could be at the bottom. Each site will give a key to follow on how to read the chart of projections.

The first site you can check out is This site is really good with collecting data from all countries rather then select few. A second great site to check out is This one includes player profiles, blogs on topics related to tennis and much more. Lastly, you can check out This site displays up to 200 player rankings and information on tournaments. They also include videos in case you may have missed a game or your favorite player.

If you want easier access to these rankings, take it a step further with the following WTA live ranking apps for your mobile device. ATP/WTA Live is a great app to start with. It gives live updates of players rankings, points etcetera, and it is FREE. The next app to try is the LTR (Live Tennis Rankings) app. It is not as detailed as the previous app but it still gives great information and live updates on rankings. A final app to try would be ITF Live Scores. This app from International Tennis Federation is a great way to rank players from all countries rather then just your own. The design is not as advanced as the above mentioned, but it still gives you what you need. All three of those apps are free to download but may have in-app purchases you must pay for.

Final Thoughts on the Topic

If you enjoy following Tennis then WTA live rankings will be beneficial to you. If you miss a game, you can still see how your player did with these live updates of their stats. Many of these websites and mobile apps are even adding rankings for doubles as this side of tennis begins to grow as well. Doubles refers to teams of two, that play together versus another tam of two on the court. You can follow their combined rankings or their individual scores.

All in all, as you can see Tennis WTA Live Rankings can be crucial to fans following their players especially if they can’t always watch tournaments and is a most have tool for all Tennis enthusiasts. These rankings also mean a lot to the players that are ranked. This helps tell them how they are doing and whether they need improvement or more training. It can be disheartening to see your name lower down on the list; however, it is meant to help you and motivate you to strive to be better. Hopefully, this clears up some questions you may have on what WTA live rankings really is.

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